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Our Service


Whether you need a complete turn-key brewery or specific piece of equipment, CBET engineers are here to get you started.Utilizing the latest 3-D modeling or CAD techniques and schematics, CBET has the design resources and expertise to produce the equipment you’ll need to start brewing your special recipes in no time.

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Quality Control

Before any piece of craft beer brewing equipment leaves CBET it goes through a complete quality control inspection. This inspection assures your equipment meets all specifications and is in proper working order before it leaves our facility and arrives at your door.

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Start -Up

CBET provides complete start-up services on all its craft brewing equipment. Best of all, the CBET Start-up team consists of highly-trained personnel experienced in quickly getting your equipment up and running.

Brewery Equipment


CBET experienced trainers are available to provide on-site brewhouse training. This includes operating the touch screen control panel, testing of brewing equipment, as well as cleaning and maintenance procedures!

Brewing Equipment


Contact: Mr.Mike

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Tel: 86-18560038670

Email: info@cnbeerequipment.com

Add: No.18 of Hehua Road, Licheng District, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China

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