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CBET works with brewers large and small to design and fabricate custom brewhouses, cellar tanks and an array of sophisticated brewery specific support vessels and systems.  The CBET team combines decades of experience engineering brewhouse equipment, brewing, process engineering, fabricating sanitary stainless systems and integrating automation & control systems.  Expanding regional brewers and start-ups alike trust CBET Brewery Solutions for quality, reliability and innovative solutions.

We has a long history providing innovative design solutions in a wide variety of industries worldwide.  We have in-depth understanding of the functionality, efficiency, economic and safety challenges today's brewers face. Aiding our customers in achieving and maintaining a competitive advantage is the commitment CBET makes to every customer.

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Contact: Mr.Mike

Phone: 86-18560038670

Tel: 86-18560038670

Email: info@cnbeerequipment.com

Add: No.18 of Hehua Road, Licheng District, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China

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