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Do we need PLC semi-auto or manual control for the brewing system?

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Do we need PLC semi-auto or manual control for the brewing system?

As we all know, beer brewing is a very interesting job, but it is also a physically and mentally demanding job. Due to limited labor, most larger beer breweries choose automatic control. But for most craft beer breweries, their beer brewery equipment may below 2000L, so does automatic control is required as well?
 beer equipment In some countries like Europe or Australia, where labor is more expensive, the answer is yes. Because using automation can really help you save labor, in other words, save production cost. Craft beer brewers can spend more time on researching new beer recipes.
Many brewery owners or investors regard automation as a huge investment. But in fact, the level of automation in a microbrewery is different from that in commercial brewery. It no need too much investment because only the necessary beer brewing steps based on automation. For example, pumps are automatically controlled to transfer wort so that brewers act as process control leaders rather than process performers. The beer brewhouse automation mainly relies on the participation of PLC, pneumatic valve and some sensors. Please feel free to contact with us if you have interest in the automatic beer brewery price.
But if you have limited investment or your beer brewery equipment is not that big saying within 1000L. Actually mostly of our clients are still prefer to use the standard semi auto control. As in craft beer brewing, especially in smaller batches, it is more rely on the participation of brewers, like measuring the wort gravity, controlling the heating power according to boiling condition etc. And the whole beer brewing process operation is not that complicated, a semi auto control could make it easily.

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