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Kombucha is a delicious fermented beverage that, like beer, is fermented to achieve its final taste, but it is also very different from beer.

Have you ever wondered how to make kombucha? Today we will answer this question from the perspective of a kombucha brewer through the kombucha recipe and brewing process. If you are interested in kombucha brewing or looking for professional kombucha brewing equipment, you can contact CBETBREWTECH engineer team for help.



Overview of the production process steps for making Finished Kombucha :

1.        Creating Kombucha :Starter Tea

Step process:Starter Liquid+Tea, Sugar, scoby, filtered water

Process time:1-2days

1.        Fermenting your starter tea

Step process:Fermentation of Starter Tea at 25-28°C

Process time:4-6 weeks

1.        The art of komnicha:Blending

Step process:Starter Liquid+Manna-K 5%,Tea, Sugar, Filtered Water, Juices, Extracts etc

Process time:1-3days

1.        Kombucha packaging process

Step process:Finished Liquid-Chill & Carbonate-Bottle or Keg

Process time:1-2days


1:Sourcing your first SCOBY & Starter

If you order 1 Litre it takes about 2 weeks to be able to make 10x the amount. So you’d get it, add tea, sugar & water and ferment for 2 weeks to get 10L, then take that 10L and do another 2 weeks to get 100L, then you will be ready to make your first 1000L.

2:Infusing the Tea

Step1: Add10Kg of Tea to the mixing tank ,then add 150L 85℃ Hot Water .

Step2: Recirculate Hot Tea Liquid with pump for 30-45 min.

kombucha process 1

3:Mixing sugar into your hot tea infusion

Step1: Pump Hot Tea Infusion to Mixing Tank while passing  through  a Strainer + Basket Filter 100 Mesh/149 Micron.

Step2: Add in the Sugar and mix for 10 mins until all solids are dissolved.


1:Sanitize all equipment before use.

2:A 100-mesh filter (149 microns) is OK for the bag-cut tea.

3:The more you stir your tea during the infusion the more you facilitate the extraction of the good things from it. Make sure you have a powerful and well-set pump. If you don’t have one, and feel that your brew needs a little help, you can use a brew spoon to stir it and create that agitation in the tank.

4:Adding Starter & SCOBY to the Tea Infusion

Step1: Add Cold Water to the Tea Infusion until it is up to 900L.

Step2: When the liquid is less 28 Degrees Celsius you can add in the Starter Liquid & SCOBY.


1:You have to make sure your sweet tea is under 28°C before adding starter or you can kill the starter culture.

2:Keep the mixer going throughout the whole process.

Kombucha add scoby

5:Transfer Inoculated Sweet Tea to your Fermenter

Step1: Pump Liquid to Mixing Tank while passing through a Strainer + Basket Filter 100 Mesh / 149 Micron.

Step2: Place your fermenter into a heated fermentation room with strong fan ventilation at 25-28 ℃ for 4 to 6 weeks.

6: Blending and Packaging


If you are not a professional brewer and are considering making the transition from home brewing to your own Kombucha brewery, it is a good idea to find a professional brewery consultant to help you through the first 30-90 days.

The Brewery Consultant will:

1:Help expand your recipes.

2:Learn how the Komhucha brewing system works

3:Convince potential clients that you are on the right track.

4:Be your most reliable “brewery problem solver” partner

5:Make your commercial Kombucha brewery a reality in the near future

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