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How about the electric heating for brewery equipment

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How about the electric heating for brewery equipment

Each brew master will consider heating method for their brewery equipment. According to customers feedback and our brewing experience, with different heating method, it will produce certain influence to beer quality. Of course, the influence can be ignored. Steam is best, and preferred by many brewers in most microbreweries. Direct fire heating at the middle level. Electric heating is most economic type in terms of cost on brewhouse itself.
In my personal, electric heating is suitable for brewhouse capacity below 10HL. Due to budget limitations, there have several customers tend to choose electric heating for their brewery. This article will help you know how does electric heating works.

 1000L Beer Equipment (4) With electric heating, not all brewhouse tanks can be heated. Normally mash/kettle tank and hot water tank can be heated. We can design electric heater power accordingly to meet brewing demands. The optimal way is to rise temperature 1-1.5℃/min, but the needed electric heater power is relatively high especially for bigger capacity brewhouse. It is difficult to meet such high power consumption in residential area. So we have to find a balance.
Normally we can design mash/kettle tun with a suitable power heater, normally we can rise the temperature 1℃ in 2-3 minutes. In this situation, we need to heat the water in advance to avoid delay brewing. For hot water tank, with a smaller one, which is only used to maintain hot water temperature. This will help reducing power consumption a lot and able to work directly after arrived at your brewery.
The connection of heater can be Tri-clamp, and it will insert in tanks to heat the wort directly. It is easy to operate.
If you want to know more information on heating method for your brewery, we will support all the time

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