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How to operate to realized the best lautering performance.

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How to operate to realized the best lautering performance.

During wort Lautering, sometimes the Lautering speed is very slow, and even the Lautering stops automatically, which leads to the prolongation of the entire filtration time and affects the quality of wort and normal production. The main reason for this is the poor quality of raw materials, poor mashing effect, poor wort composition, high viscosity, or improper filtration operation.

  The solution is usually to stop Lautering, start the grain rake of the Lauter tank, loosen the spent grain bed, or inject hot water (commonly known as top water) at 75~78°C from the bottom of the Lauter tank. If the effect is still not obvious, you can start the tiller and stir for 2~4min while facing the water. If necessary, adjust the speed to increase the stirring speed to destroy the original spent grain bed, and then let the mash stand for 5~10min to make it Re-form spent grain bed and start Lautering again. In addition, pay attention to the insulation of the Lauter tank, the damper and manhole should be closed, and the temperature of the washing water should not be too low.

BREWERY EQUIPMENT    In terms of process adjustment, it is necessary to reasonably match raw materials, pay attention to controlling the degree of pulverization of malt, and use amylase preparation appropriately to ensure good mashing effect.  At the beginning of the Lautering operation, the speed should not be too fast to avoid the phenomenon of "pumping down", so as to ensure the smooth Lautering of the wort.

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