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How to use the hop gun

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How to use the hop gun

The hop gun– Dry hopping tank – is an brewery equipment for extraction of aromatic active substances from hops into cold beer (dry hopping) in brewery– an infusion of hop extracts to finalized cold beer after finalizing the beer fermentation process. This beer equipment is used in the production of strongly bitter beer types, such as IPA.
Hop Gun (5) Hop gun has below advantages:
1)It emphasizes the aroma of hops in beer in fermenation tanks.
2)Sensitive and careful dissolution of hop pellets (type 45 and 90) in the cold beer of fermenter.
3)Optimal extraction and increase in the proportion of essential oils in finished beer
4)Fixed period of the extraction of hops
5)Without heating, absence of agitators

How to use the hop gun

1)    Connect the hop gun inlet(from diaphragm pump) with fermentation tank beer outlet.

2)    Connect the hop gun outlet with fermentation tank beer inlet.

3)      Add hops inside of the hop Gun.

4)    Open the valve and the diaphragm pump.
Hop Gun

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