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How to use the plate heater exchanger during brewing process

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How to use the plate heater exchanger during brewing process

The following problems should be paid attention to when using plate heat exchanger for wort cooling.
 1.Before the wort cooling, the wort side of the plate heat exchanger and the wort pipeline must be sterilized by circulating hot water above 80℃ for not less than 30min. After cooling begins, when the wort tops up the remaining water in the equipment, the wort enters the yeast adding tank or fermentation tank.
 2. During the cooling process, the inlet and outlet temperatures of the wort and cooling water should be checked frequently, and the flow should be adjusted in time through the valve to control the outlet temperature of the wort within the specified temperature.
 3.The cooling time of wort should be controlled within 60min.
4. The plates of the heat exchanger should be removed and washed regularly, because the cold coagulation and hop resin in the wort will adhere to the plates and affect the heat exchange effect. After the plate is removed, the first 1%~Soak in 2% hot alkaline water, then use a brush to remove the dirt, and then rinse with clean water.
  5.The maximum working pressure of the plate heat exchanger is generally 1MPa, and there will be a pressure difference between the cooling water side and the wort side of the heat exchanger, and the normal working pressure is generally 0.2~0.4MPa. Excessive pressure difference will deform the plate and reduce the sealing performance of the gasket, so pay attention to control the pressure difference.

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