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Italy 500L Brewery Project

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The 500L brewery system, very nice beer brewing system


Here I take you learn more about our Italy Birrificio Provvisorio 500L beer brewing project

Part I: Brewery starting consulting, proposal communication and customized brewery system layout and tank drawing via email and call.

During this process, we confirm the specification and configuration of brewery system:
The main configurations mainly include:
200 KG/H completely stainless steel Miller

50KG/H Steam boiler
500L Combination Three vessels brewhouse,steam heating source for both tank

500L MLT&Whirlpool Tank, 500L kettle 
800L Hot water tank
8x500L fermentation tanks

1500L Glycol water tank with 5HP chiller

50L CIP Alkali tank and sterile water tank
Control panel: Control panel

Solenoid valve for steam on/off automatic,mashing automatic.

Part II: Manufacturing of 500L beer brewing system


Part III: Visiting and check the ready system of 500L beer brewing system


Part IV: Shipping of 500L beer brewing system
All brewery system are loaded and shipped in one 40 feet high cube container


Part VI: Installation of 500L beer brewing equipment


Part V: Firs batch brewing