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Korea 1500L micro brewery equipment ready for shipment

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Korea 1500L micro brewery equipment ready for shipment  1500L three vessel brewhouse,mash/lauter tank,brew kettle and whirlpool tank with hot water tank and cold water tank. 3000L fermentation tank with side manway and dry hop port. We have finish equipment fabrication for customer ,finish equipment testing, and loading for them. Wild Wave Brewing Co.,Ltd


The equipment have been loaded into container, will arrive to korea earlier of next week. If you would like to look the brewery equipment, feel free to contact us for getting contact way.
The whole brewery system include three vessel brewhouse,mash/ lauter tun, brew kettle and whirlpool tun, hot liquid tank,cold water tank.wort cooling heat exchanger, fermentation tanks. If you are interested in starting a brewery and need brewery equipment , please feel free contact with ZPET. 

ZPET has distinguished itself as the Asia brewing equipment manufacturer.




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