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Korea Jangsu Craft Brewery 500L Beer Brewing Equipment

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JANGSU CRAFT BREWERY,The 500L brewery system, very nice beer brewing system


Here I take you learn more about our Korea JANGSU CRAFT BREWERY500L beer brewing project

Part I: Brewery starting consulting, proposal communication and customized brewery system layout and tank drawing via email and call.

During this process, we confirm the specification and configuration of brewery system:
The main configurations mainly include:
200 KG/H completely stainless steel Miller

50KG/H Steam boiler
500L Combination Three vessels brewhouse,steam heating source for both tank

500L MLT&Whirlpool Tank, 500L kettle 
800L Hot water tank
8x500L fermentation tanks

1x500L bright beer tanks

1500L Glycol water tank with 5HP chiller

50L CIP Alkali tank and sterile water tank
Control panel: Control panel

Solenoid valve for steam on/off automatic,mashing automatic.

Part II: Manufacturing of 500L beer brewing system


Part III: Visiting and check the ready system of 500L beer brewing system

Part IV: Shipping of 500L beer brewing system
All brewery system are loaded and shipped in one 40 feet high cube container


Part VI: Installation of 500L beer brewing equipment


Part V: Firs batch brewing

CBET has distinguished itself as the premiere Asia brewing equipment manufacturer.




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