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Philippines Brewery Project Cooperation With ZPET BREWING SOLUTION(ZPET)

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Philippines Brewery Project Cooperation With ZPET

In the last 10 years,ZPET BREWING SOLUTION(ZPET) have cooperate with many brewery and brewpub in Philippines with great feedback and impression.

Fist Brewery Project: 

Name:Bulul Brewery

Location:Ciudad de Hizon,MacArthur Hiway, San Fernando, Philippines

We are good friend with Bulul owner Mr iven Go,offer so many years service for his brewery.he ordered 500L beer brewing equipment with 5000L fermentation tank,steam heating type brewhouse.

All his brewery equipment order from our company with great quality and best service.

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Second Brewery Project:

Name:El Deposito Brewery

Localtion:187 N. Averilla St., Santa Lucia, San Juan, Philippines

Mr Jun are our good partner in Philippines for the beer brewing business,he ordered 3 sets 200L beer brewing system and introduce some brewmster for me.

He ordered 200L beer brewing equipment with 200L fermentation tank,steam heating

We will cooperate together to support local brewery in Philippines

200L beer equipment

Third Brewery Project:

Name:3006 Craft Brewery

3006 Brewery we offered the brewing equipment for him this year,and start to brewing beer,he ordered the brewery equipment configuration as follows:

3BBL Beer Beer Brewery Project,Two vessel brewhouse with hot water tank,steam heating,3BBL Fermentation tank


Four Brewery Project:


ADLP Brewery ordered 300L beer brewing system,two vessel brewhouse with hot water tank and cold water tank,steam type for the brewhouse heating.300L fermentation tank with order parts,turnkey brewing system we offered for him.


Five Brewery Project:

Name:Santa Maria Craft Brewery(Coco Mountain Resort)

Coco order 500L beer brewing equipment,start brewing beer this.

He used 500L two vessel brewhouse with hot water tank,steam heating for the brewhouse.

500L fermentation tank,CIP cleaning system,cooling system,Miller and controller


Six Brewery Project:

Name:YUDI Brewing

We offered 200L beer brewing system for YUDI Brewing ,used 200L two vessel brewhouse with how water tank,steam heating.200L fermentation tank and other parts,Turnkey brewery equipment for his brewing project

beer equipment

Welcome to visit our client brewery and discuss about the brewing system,we can design the brewing system basic on you special requirement.

There are many video in youtube link for you reference,we can offer the brewing equipment from 100L to 5000L with many capacity of fermentation tank.

Welcome to consult about the beer brewing system


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