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The advantage of ‘skid style’ brewhouse when you choice the beer brewing equipment

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The advantage of ‘skid style’ brewhouse when you choice the beer brewing equipment

The traditional ‘fixed position’ brewhouse is relatively straightforward to manufacture: the high quality materials used during the manufacturing process are easily accessible, which keeps costs low. The production of each component is handled by dedicated professionals to ensure consistent quality and integrity.

The downside when it comes to brewhouses is that the assembled item doesn’t lend itself to simple transportation, shipping, and installation, and this could end up adding to the costs.

When you buy a brewhouse from the CBET team, the pipelines have to be removed before delivery and assigned sequential numbers; hanging pipeline surfaces require additional protection during transport; and to top it all, assembly instructions have to be written for a manual.

Furthermore, every CBET brewhouse that a client orders is custom manufactured according to that country’s specifications.

There’s no need for us to tell you that doing this increases the client’s work load quite considerably at the other end, especially when it comes to assembly for installation and connecting the pipelines.

Why you should consider a ‘skid style’ brewhouse

Compared to a ‘Fixed Position’ brewhouse, a ‘Skid Style’ brewhouse has the following advantages:

1.           Beautiful appearance and runway base frame.

2.           Facilitates equipment installation, movement and positioning.

3.           The connection and layout of pipes, valves and control cabinet have already been completed, saving a lot of onsite hassle.

4.           Certain auxiliary equipment can also be mounted on the skid, such as pumps, plate heat exchanger, wort grant, etc.

5.           The skid mounted system is approximate 6 inches / 160mm off from the ground. This is conducive to keeping the entire equipment setup clean and tidy during the brewing process.

6.           For a brewhouse size (as seen below) of 10bb, ordering a skid brewhouse is best when it comes to packing and transportation in shipping containers.

7.           If you are planning an expansion in your brewery’s future, moving your skid brewhouse to a new onsite location is easy.

8.           The adaptable skid mounted system of a skid brewhouse means it can even be installed and adapted to slight gradients or uneven surfaces. This is good to know if you have chosen a historical site or building to house your brewery.


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