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Why more clinet start to use stacked beer fermenters

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Why more clinet start to use stacked beer fermenters

For those beer breweries with limited installation space, they may consider to use the stacked beer fermentation tanks, means one fermenter is stacked on another. It is a good choice but something should be noted when design the brewery equipment drawings. As the professional brewery equipment manufacturer, sincerely hope our suggestions here could help your understanding.

I. Ensure you have high enough ceiling height
Absolutely the total height is quite high when stacking one fermenter on another, please ensure your ceiling height is big enough for operation. Especially for some smaller fermenters within 500L capacity, the manhole may be designed on top, please ensure you have enough space for opening the top manhole.
II. Ensure enough space between two fermenters
One reason for having enough space here is when fermenter with manhole on top, there must be big enough space for manhole cover opening; Another reason is easier for dry hopping, especially when the brewery intend to use hop doser, please ensure the hop doser could be installed and operated smoothly here.
III. Ensure big enough leveling pad
We all know that bigger height means higher center of gravity, to ensure the fermentation tank stability during working, a bigger leveling pad is must need, saying a bigger touching area with floor. And better fixing the leveling pad on the floor via bolts.
IV. Extended length for Co2 blow off arm and CIP arm
If you wanna have a more convenient operation on checking the pressure or CIP cleaning on the fermenters etc, the Co2 blow off arm and CIP arm better be longer, means lower to the floor, then the brewer could access it when standing on the floor.
 beer fermentation tanks If you have any further questions or comments on the usage of designing of the stacked beer fermentation tanks, please feel free talk with us ZPET Beer Equipment.

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