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Thermal Conduction Oil Transfer Heat Brewhouse

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Heat transfer oil heat brewhouse Benefits: Flow Oil Heat VS Steam and Immersed electric heat or Direct fire,it has the advantages: Energy saving: Electricity consumed much less than steam heat,and the oil is in cycle use,normally replaced every one year; More higher heat efficiency:

Brewhouse Video

Product Description

Thermal Conduction Oil Transfer Heat Brewhouse

Compared to the traditional steam heating brewhouse, the creative new-tech thermal oil heating avoids the installation of a dangerous and high-maintenance steam boiler. Steam offers more surface area than gas fired, but it requires a generator to create steam, collect it, and reheat it again. Oil heated brewhouses, on the other hand, use a simple oil heater and pump to circulate oil through the tank jackets. Compared to gas fired systems where all heat is directed to the very bottom of the kettle, this system heats from the sides and the bottom rather than the bottom alone. This offers not only greater surface area but faster thermal response. By controlling the oil temperature, you also have more precise boil vigor control and evaporation rate control. For these reasons and more, the Oil Heated Brewhouse makes for an ideal pilot batch system.

Oil Heated vs. Electric Brewhouses
Compared to our electric brewhouses, the oil heated systems have several advantages starting with their lower electrical requirements. For example, our 3.5 bbl Electric Brewhouse draws 54 kw of power at a combined 150 amps between the HLT and the Boil Kettle. The 3.5 bbl Oil Heated Brewhouse draws less than 35 kw of power at just under 120 amps to power the entire system. Installing the system in your brewery is far less complex and doesn’t require wiring control panels or additional components. And since there are no heating elements in direct contact with your wort, there is zero risk of scorching and cleaning is much easier after each batch.

Control Panel
Our control panel features 4 PID controllers for precise control of the HLT, Mash, Boil Kettle and Oil temperature. We also include a timer to start the system so it is hot when you show up to brew.

Hard Piped Distribution Manifold
With the distribution manifold, the entire brewing process can be completed by simply opening and closing valves. There’s no need to lug around brewery hoses and swap connections from vessel to vessel. This hard piped system is completely self contained with dedicated pumps to move wort and hot liquor from tank to tank as needed. Every step of the brew day is a simple valve turn away. The only hose required is from the brewing system to your fermenter. Once the brew is completed this same piping system is used for CIP and rinsing.

The systems are delivered on a skid. Simply, move the skid into place, hook up power and water and a drain and you are ready to clean and brew.

Our systems also feature rolling casters for easy installation in your brewery, product pump for recirculation and sparging, hard piped manifold, grain out door on the mash tun, and mounted plate chiller.

Design Features:

3-Vessel System with dedicated HLT, Mash Tun, and Boil Kettle

Compact design and easy installation

Built-in wort pump

Built-in HLT pump

Built-in 2-stage heat exchanger

Hard piped distribution manifold

Built-in control panel

PID controls for kettle temperatures and oil temperature

Slotted Mash Screen

Tangential kettle return for whirlpool

Built-in CIP

Insulated tanks for heat retention and heating efficiency

Boil kettle features steam collector which eliminates the need to install a flue in your brewery

Hot oil vessel can operate at higher temperatures, that means 25% higher heating efficiency:

Oil temperature set at 302°F (150℃) [available up to 572°F (300℃)]

from 82°F to 140°F (28°C to 60℃), heat-up time: 20 min

from 140°F to 176°F (60°C to 80℃), heat-up time: 20 min

from 176°F to 212°F (80°C to 100℃), heat-up time: 30 min

Higher heating efficiency compared to steam heating

Simultaneous heating of HLT, mash tun and kettle to save time

100% 304 Stainless Steel

TIG welded tanks

Laser welded dimple jacket and tank bottom

Manufactured in strictly controlled ISO9001 certified facility

Product Advantage

All Construction is from SUS 304 food grade stainless steel, all pipes are SUS304
All signs & wording in English
All tanks to be supplied with Data Plates including Test Data & Serial Number
All tanks will be tested and inspected in the NDT room after construction & Quality Control Checks
All jackets will be tested using water pressure testing, testing pressure: 0.4Mpa (4 Bar) & working pressure:0.2Mpa (2Bar)
All tanks will be pressure tested for 48hours before leaving the ZPET factory;
All the welds are full TIG welded by water spray method to ensure uniform weld pattern with full pickling & passivation
All tanks are mirror polishing inside, to be Ra 0.4um.
All Gaskets are manufactured with EPDM

Trading Terms

Payment Term:

T/T transfer, 40% advance payment in order to start production,
T/T transfer 60% before the equipment is shipped.
Alibaba trader assurance is available to guarantee your payment safety.

Delivery Term:

The manufacturing time is 30 – 45 working days, and will be commenced as soon the initial 40% deposit is received in ZPET account and technical drawings are signed & confirmed by the client
The technical files, layouts, drawings and all other technical confirmation time(s) shall not be included in the manufacturing time.

Production will not start until all drawings, technical files or layouts are confirmed & signed by appropriate party. This can lead to delays in production and / or delivery time if not completed.

ZPET has distinguished itself as the Asia brewing equipment manufacturer.




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